Kelly Kinsella


Kelly is currently performing her one-woman show: "WHEN THOUGHTS ATTACK!"

Writer, actor, comedian Kelly Kinsella has successfully produced four original one woman shows. Her first show, EXCUSE ME, I APPEAR TO HAVE MISPLACED MY SOUL, was an official selection of the Orlando Fringe Festival. None of it was documented except for this picture...

...which soon thereafter resulted in the termination of her employment as a professional actor at Walt Disney World. She now uses her equity card as a toothpick.

Though fully entrenched in a performer's life and her 400 square foot, centrally located New York City apartment, she often fantasizes about packing up her Murphy bed and moving to the country where she can read books and plays by her inspirations: Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Martin McDonagh. Kelly made out with Martin McDonagh when his play The Pillowman was nominated for a TONY award. He didn't win. Kelly has also made out with, or has thought about making out with Jeff Goldblum, David Shiner and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Always on the lookout for a New York City bargain, Kelly is taking the slow, cheap, and complicated path to success, which includes performing in hallways, fringe festivals, the woods (amongst the rage of a Rennaissance Faire), colleges, and in closets, which is why she takes her Murphy bed wherever she goes. Her performance style has been described as "terrific and zany," "slinky and smart," and "she thrums with the aggressive humour of many male comics but underneath is the neurotic charm of a still unmarried woman." The New Oxford American Dictionary definition of 'thrums' is: continuous rhythmic humming; which is helpful since as she gets older she finds it difficult to remember all her lines. Yes, the ones that she wrote. By the way, Kelly would totally make out with Arthur Miller, too. But, he's dead.
If you come see her show, she might make out with you.