Kelly Kinsella


Kelly is currently performing her one-woman show: "WHEN THOUGHTS ATTACK!"


written and performed by Kelly Kinsella

co-written and directed by Padraic Lillis

The New York Times has called solo performer Kelly Kinsella “terrific and zany” and so she has been invited to a theatre near you to do a one person show about anything she wants! In her “slinky and smart” way (BackstageNY), Kelly shares her panic about not actually having a show by creating one in front of us. It’s a Ted Talk gone wild. Through the journey of learning how to create a show she comes to the beautiful realization of why do a one person show. Oh just come, there will be cake.

"Kelly is a skilled performer, and if you let her, she'll take you on a hilarious and surprisingly expansive journey." -

"There's no question that Kelly Kinsella knows how to do a one person show."-Theatre is Easy

The funniest class you may ever take."- Electronic Link

Official selection of the tenth annual soloNOVA Festival